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Flying Kebab

Flying Kebab was a groundbreaking trans media web series that caused quite a stir back when it was launched in 2009. It was the first web series filmed in the middle east and left a legacy in the region– following the success of Flying Kebab a series of interesting web series were created after by local talents, we are also proud to be the first film to document the beginnings of the now world wide famous band Mashrou’ Leila, but most interestingly a photo collective that was launched within the fans of Flying Kebab by Fernando Borges (the main character of the series) have ever since been growing and still exists to today.

The series followed the adventure of Fernando Borges, a photographer who travelled from São Paulo to Beirut in search of an inheritance. Mixing real life characters with fiction, the web series overflowed the traditional audio visual media and continued through twitter, flickr, facebook, vlogs and also by meeting and events that happened around the city of Beirut. Flying Kebab was also one of the first series to use the recently inaugurated (at the time) Kickstarter to crowdfund it’s episodes.

It was distributed internationally through Vimeo, Youtube and also as a podcast available on the most popular platforms. In Brazil it was distributed by and also was broadcasted on cable television through Fiz.TV and after on MTV Brasil. Overall the series had over 300.000 views online, was Vimeo Staff Pics two times and was elected on of the Top 25 videos on Vimeo in 2009 and lastly it ran as finalist for the Streamy Awards in the category Best Foreign Web series (the oscar of web series).