What we do

  • Video editing (Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro X and Avid)
  • Color Correction for broadcast standards (REC.709) and in DCI-P3 for theatrical releases (Davinci Resolve).
  • Motion graphics (After Effects)
  • 3D compositing and VFX (Fusion)
  • Sound Design and Engineering (Pro Tools)
  • Photo realistic image composition (Photoshop)

Who is EOQHA Films?

In 2008 the award winning director and editor Matheus Siqueira created éoqhá filmes to pursue his passion projects outside of his commercial directing career. With time the company expanded to and officially an office in London as EOQHA Films LTD. Now with offices in Barcelona, London & São Paulo the production house catters to companies looking for only the best quality and high-end services in the audiovisual industry.

The story

In 2008 Matheus Siqueira creates éoqhá filmes as a side project in order to pursue projects that he was passionate about and that didn’t fit in . During the year of 2009-2010 the web series Flying Kebab followed the story of a photographer who travels to Beirut in search of his inheritance in a refreshingly surprisingly take of mixing a fictional narrative with real life facts and people (a whole photography collective in Beirut spun-off from only grew even years after the series!). The repercussion was huge for the first web series filmed in the Middle East and it went to be finalist at the recently inaugurated and now consolidated Streamy Awards.

In 2015 éoqhá filmes was revitalised to attend to a growing demand to produce memorable experiences in what is now an oversaturated market of constant audiovisual stimulus. The first project in this new era was working with Gabriel Iglesias on creating two music videos for his upcoming album through Sony. The films Jeremias and Pedra will soon be released!

But that’s a huge gap!

Since 2010 Matheus has been working as a commercial director for diverse production companies in Brazil and has directed commercials for a vast selection of agencies and companies such as VISA, Fiat, Google, LG, Itaú. Currently he is represented as a commercial director in Brazil by Academia de Filmes.

He is also now pursuing his PhD degree in Cinema at Universitat Pompeu Fabra. If you wish to see what he has been up to checkout his personal website.

So why éoqhá filmes?

We believe that each image we produce has to be powerful enough to stand by it’s own. éoqhá filmes is the result of this belief. A production company not focused on producing commercials but carefully curating and selecting our clients and projects so that we can actually bring something different and new to the table.

Have an idea?

Get in touch to make it happen! We attend both Europe and Latin America through our offices in Barcelona & São Paulo. You can contact us by either filling the form below or sending an email at hey (at) eoqhafilmes.com